Day 340 – OBGYN appointment!

Monday I took the day off of work so I could go to my OBGYN appointment. I was going to take a picture in the office but was too depressed, because I was the only woman in this office NOT pregnant….. Luckily my doctor, Dr. Tom is super nice, and I really like him, he is the one who will be doing my surgery. My appointment was at 11, but the doctor didn’t come in until 11:50! After my appointment I had to take some blood tests & then stop home to do a few things. I was going to go to the movie w/ my dad, but my appointment ran so late, we weren’t going to have time. So I stopped at Darrell’s work instead to say hi & then went to downtown Naperville to buy some ice cream. Here is Darrell in front of our camper at the fairgrounds!

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