Book 136 of 500!

This book was called You Like It? I Do It Again. The Dieter Tasso story as told to Ron Dentinger. Year ago my parents and I went to the Tommy Bartlett show in Wisconsin Dells as we’ve done many times before, but this particular night, there was this hilarious comedian/juggler there. My mom and I just died laughing the whole time, especially when he was juggling and he accidentally swallowed a bug! We had never laughed so hard in all of our lives!!! Then just a couple of year ago my dad and I decided to go back to the Tommy Bartlett show, we hadn’t been since that night with my mom (and she has now since passed) We never imagined in a million years who would walk out onto that stage! None other than that same comedian/juggler!! We were shocked and thrilled and once again he didn’t let us down!!! Plus it brought back good memories of my mom. This book was about his life, and it was super interesting!!! Plus surprisingly enough, I learned how he had retired and then decided to come back, and that is how we happened to get to see him again!!!

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