Book 135 of 500!

This book was Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins & Sextuplets by Jon & Kate Gosselin & Beth Carson. This book was written way at the beginning of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show, Darrell and I were obsessed watching every episode! Not it’s become just Kate Plus 8 and Darrell and I still watch but only to see how much of a train wreck Kate has really become. Plus the kids went from being super cute, to not so cute anymore, and having some major attitude problems! But seeing who their mom is, that is really no surprise! So the book was good and interesting, or probably would have been more so had I read it when it first came out. The person who wrote this book definitely is not the same person who she is now!!!! And that’s just too bad and really sad for her and her family.

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