Book 146 of 500!

This book was called The Sweet By and By; by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck. I actually thought this book was going to be about Sara Evans life, but it turned out it was just a normal book. So at first I was disappointed, but then I couldn’t put it down. It was such a good book, I loved it and definitely recommend it!

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Book 145 of 500!

This book was called The Groovy Chicks Road Trip to Peace by Dena Dyer & Laurie Barber Copeland. I wasn’t really sure what this would be about. It was actually a Christian book but these 2 author’s used stories from different people all over the world, so each chapter was only like 1 to 3 pages long. They were all very good, and most of them were super funny!! A great read!

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Book 144 of 500!

This book was called Who Was Anne Frank? by Ann Abramson. It was a very short book, probably written for kids, but it was still interesting. I just love reading about Anne Frank!

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Book 143 of 500!

My dad surprised me with another Holocaust book!! It’s called The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the impossible became possible on Schindler’s ┬áList. A memoir by Leon Leyson with Marilyn J. Harran & Elisabeth B. Leyson. This book was actually about a boy who survived the Holocaust because he was actually on Schindler’s List!!! I’ve seen the movie and it always fascinated me, I’ve never actually read a book about someone who was on the infamous list!!! It was such an interesting book!!! He still had to go through horrors, and he still lost a ton of people in his family but thanks to a Nazi German Schindler, him, his parents and some of his siblings actually survived! It gives you hope, because it does show that there are some decent people in this world, at least back then, I hope there still are now-a-days…..

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Book 142 of 500!

This book was I Am A Star Child of the Holocaust by Inge Auerbacher. I love Holocaust books especially ones about children, even better if they survived as Inge did! I just can’t believe the horrors these people and children had to go through, but somehow made it out and were still able to live an almost normal life. I think people have changed I’m not sure people would be able to live through this type of horror and make it out on the other side. I’m not really sure I would be able to……

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Book 141 of 500!

I read the Bristol Palin book so I had to read her mom’s book as well! It was called Trailblazer An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin by Lorenzo Benet. It was such an interesting book, definitely didn’t know a lot of this!! I really enjoyed learning about Sarah Palin! Most people wouldn’t agree with me, but I would have loved her to have been Vice President, and I”m still all for her as being our first female President!!! Maybe some day!

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Book 140 of 500!

Book 140 is The Illinois Road Guide to Haunted Locations. I had gotten it because my dad and I saw the authors speak at the Bensenville Library. The authors are Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk. It was definitely an interesting book, but this stuff freaks me out so I highly doubt I will be visiting any of these locations anytime soon!!! LOL

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Book 139 of 500!!

This book was Return to Earth by Vincent Tipre! It’s the sequel to the other Mars book I read! I loved this one too, read it so fast! However, I felt like the end left so many questions up in the air!? I couldn’t believe it because everywhere I read online said this was the final book in the series. So I found the author’s facebook page and wrote him, and was so surprised when he actually wrote me back! (He is from Chicago!) Turns out there is a 3rd book in the works, it’s just taking him longer to write because he had a new baby!!! I”m just so excited! I love this series, I”m so glad I stumbled upon it!

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Book 138 of 500!

This book was called Alone in the Night by Holly Webb. It was a very cute, short book about a little kitten who ends up pregnant and has 2 new kittens, and about a little girl next door who helps her out!

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Book 137 of 500!

Book 137 is Images of America: Orange City by Doug Anderson, Tim Schlak, Greta Grond and SArah Kaltenbach. My dad grew up in Orange City, we visited once a year. I looked forward to that trip every year, to see my grandpa Pete, and other family and also to experience what is Orange City, Iowa!! My favorite town in the whole wide world! The place I wanted to live and grow up! It never happened, but I still long for that. A childhood there would have been the best, and now at times I wish I could raise my daughter, Kathryn there. I’m hoping to be able to get my dad to read this book as well!

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Book 136 of 500!

This book was called You Like It? I Do It Again. The Dieter Tasso story as told to Ron Dentinger. Year ago my parents and I went to the Tommy Bartlett show in Wisconsin Dells as we’ve done many times before, but this particular night, there was this hilarious comedian/juggler there. My mom and I just died laughing the whole time, especially when he was juggling and he accidentally swallowed a bug! We had never laughed so hard in all of our lives!!! Then just a couple of year ago my dad and I decided to go back to the Tommy Bartlett show, we hadn’t been since that night with my mom (and she has now since passed) We never imagined in a million years who would walk out onto that stage! None other than that same comedian/juggler!! We were shocked and thrilled and once again he didn’t let us down!!! Plus it brought back good memories of my mom. This book was about his life, and it was super interesting!!! Plus surprisingly enough, I learned how he had retired and then decided to come back, and that is how we happened to get to see him again!!!

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Book 135 of 500!

This book was Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins & Sextuplets by Jon & Kate Gosselin & Beth Carson. This book was written way at the beginning of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show, Darrell and I were obsessed watching every episode! Not it’s become just Kate Plus 8 and Darrell and I still watch but only to see how much of a train wreck Kate has really become. Plus the kids went from being super cute, to not so cute anymore, and having some major attitude problems! But seeing who their mom is, that is really no surprise! So the book was good and interesting, or probably would have been more so had I read it when it first came out. The person who wrote this book definitely is not the same person who she is now!!!! And that’s just too bad and really sad for her and her family.

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Book 134 of 500!

This book was called King George: What Was His problem: The Whole Hilarious Story of the American Revolution by Steve Sheinkin. Steve used to write history textbooks, boring ones, but then he decided to write books about history that were interesting, and made you want to learn about history. This is how history textbooks SHOULD be written! I have read other books like this from him, they are amazing! So fast, so funny, so interesting, makes me actually want to LEARN about history!!!

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Book 133 of 500!

This book was the sequel to The Hiding Place and it was called Corrie Ten Boom’s Prison Letters. I didn’t even know I had this book! The Hiding Place was about her helping the Jews and getting caught and sent to concentration camp, but this book was actual letter’s she wrote while imprisoned in the camps that she was somehow able to get out of the camp, and her family kept them until she was released! It’s an awesome look at what life was really like in those horrible camps. Very interesting for sure!!!

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Book 132 of 500!!

This book was called The Other Side of the Sun by Vincent Tipre. I have no idea where this book came from, but it was great! It took place in the future and they had a program where they colonized Mars and it followed the people who went up there, and the whole book was written by each person’s perspective, as they each kept a journal throughout the story! However, the end was a cliffhanger and I definitely needed more! So I googled it, and turns out there was a sequel, so now I have that on my Kindle to buy list, and I can’t wait to continue reading!!!

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