Day 275 – Graduation Party!

Yesterday I worked my last Saturday for the summer……technically. Then I drove all the way to Route 66 in Joliet to get my dad’s & my free t-shirts for our drag races we’re going to in June! In the evening we went to Colleen’s graduation party, where I forgot to take a picture. I’m sure it had to do that I was nervous about the rapture happening! Darrell & I visited my parent’s on our way home & I got this great picture of the stickers we gave them for Christmas! Check them out! Did you ┬ánotice the pig too??

Here is the picture WITH the pig in it!!

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2 Responses to Day 275 – Graduation Party!

  1. Who are you calling a pig…..I don’t see a pig!?!?!

  2. LOL!!! My original picture had the pig, so I’ll post that one too, so no one thinks I’m calling any of you a pig!!!! haha!