Day 7 – Wisconsin Dells

This past Thursday, my dad and me took the day off of work and went to Wisconsin Dells for a day trip! We left our houses at 6:30am and met up in Rockford at 7:30am. I parked my truck at the Clock Tower Hotel and we drove to the Dells, we got there at 9:30am. First we went to where the Opry is because I wanted to order a wooden sign for Darrell and me so we can set it up in front of our 5th wheel whenever we go camping! However they didn’t open until 10. So we went to the Kalahari and I had my hair braided, it takes about 25 minutes, so my dad walked around. I love how it looks, but boy does it hurt! haha! After that we drove back to the Opry, just to find out that the guy is only there on Saturdays! 2 wasted trips all that way! Oh well. So then we went downtown, found a parking place and went to 2 more wooden sign places because the 1st one didn’t have a picture of a camper. I’m glad we found the other place, just across the street because, the actually had a 5th wheel! We ordered that, and then got to Monk’s at exactly 11am, when they open. We each had a yummy cheeseburger, they are the best burgers in the world!! Then we walked around downtown for a little while and went in some shops, before we picked up my sign at noon. Then we had to drive to where the army ducks are, because we had to be there at 12:15 to sign some papers so that we could go zip lining at a place called Bigfoot Zipline Adventures, it was new for 2010! We ziplined for 2 and a half hours!! There were 6 lines, which each one getting longer, higher and faster!!! It was so much fun, just got pretty tired climbing up all those steps each time, haha! After that we went back to the Kalahari so that we could make our own animal shaped cookies, you get to put as much frosting and sprinkles on it that you want, and the best part is it’s FREE! They do this everyday there! Then we drove by Extreme World because we wanted to see the freefall ride, where not long ago a 12 year old girl went on, and while her dad was videotaping, he caught her smash into the ground because the worker didn’t realize the net hadn’t gone up! It was a LONG fall! She is alive though, but I think she might be paralyed! After that we went to Thunder Valley which is a farm bed and breakfast, they have cute kittens there that you can play with! They had a little Frisky and a little Pepper! Plus some goats, chickens and rabbits! After that we went to Jenny’s so we could buy the best fudge in the world to take home! Finally, we had dinner at Pizza Pub, which is one of my favorite pizza places, and plus I had been craving pizza for quite some time! We both got home at around 8pm that night! It was a very long, fun day!!! Wish we could have stayed longer! Here are 2 pictures, one of the ziplining place and one of my braids!


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One Response to Day 7 – Wisconsin Dells

  1. Melissa says:

    Aww, I miss the Dells. So cool they have zip lining now!! So sad about that girl, though. 🙁 Your hair looks neat…..and the burgers sound delicious….