Day 134 – New Year’s Eve! Goodbye 2010!

Friday was New Year’s Eve and the last day of 2010. I tried to rest during the day, seeing as I was sick. Then at 2:30 Darrell and me went to have dinner at Chili’s and then we checked in at Pheasant Run. My parents stopped by to give Darrell his birthday presents! I wanted to go in the hot tub, but it was closed because of the NYE party. We just rested in our room until 8:30 because that is when stuff actually started. We got dressed and went downstairs and got in line for the photo booth, then we got some drinks, took a walk around, checked out the band and the DJ. Then we went to Bourbon street, got some free New Orlean Mardi Gras beads, had some ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s. Then we went back for some more drinks, and music, and got in line to get our caricature done. We ran it up to our room and came down in time to grab some champagyne, dance and do the countown to midnight, shouted, and got caught up in the balloon drop! We went and danced to a few slow dances in the ballroom, checked out the midnight snack buffet, grabbed some last drinks, and went up to bed. It was hard to sleep because it was so hot in the room and hotel, and I was super sick. It was fun, just wish I could have been healthy to enjoy it a little more! Enjoy the photos!

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2 Responses to Day 134 – New Year’s Eve! Goodbye 2010!

  1. Bruce Carlevato says:

    Hi Kristy,
    Just saw the photo of the sketch of Darrell and you on NYE of last year. That really very nice of you to put it up and am glad that you had it drawn and hope that the wait in line was not too long.
    Thanks again Kristy and have a happy 2012!
    Bruce Carlevato