Day 93 – Saturday

On Saturday Darrell & I went to Wayne, IL for a memorial service for our friend Carole. She passed away earlier this month from a 3 year long battle with brain cancer. Carole & I joined the DuPage County Fair Board at the same time, and were together most of the time at committee meetings and during the fair. Her service was in an old fashioned church and then there was a reception at a horse saddle club down the street which was very cool and very pretty! After that we went to my parent’s house & went with my dad to the Bensenville tree lighting. It was freezing, so we grabbed our free hot dogs, caramel apples, kettle corn, hot chocolate and ornaments, walked around quick and went back home to warm up while we ate!! Here are 3 pictures I took in Wayne.

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  1. Anjeanette says:

    Love the church!!!