Book 249 of 500!

I think my dad and I bought this book in Orange City, Iowa at the last Tulip Fest we went to. It’s a big book with a LOT of colorful pictures! It’s called Celebrating Our Dutch Heritage: The Story of the Orange City Tulip Festival by William D. Kalsbeek. It was hard to lug this book around to read so took me longer than most books, but I enjoyed looking at all the pictures of tulip fests past in the last 50 years and reading about how it got started, and how it gets put together etc! I’ve loved getting to participate in the Tulip Fests and having Kathryn do so as well, and if all goes well we should be participating again this May! And we can’t wait! Kathryn loves scrubbing the streets in her costume before the parades and this year she should get to ride a float and we will be going to the carnival eating lots of Dutch food and watching the musical, Cinderella!!!

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