These photos are going to be out of order from my normal. But I have them and I need to get them posted so I can get them off my computer! So here they are!!!

Darrell made this play pen with this nice floor for Dutch when he was still here, Dutchess uses it now, except we had to turn it upside down because she ate the linoleum!

2013-06-02 19.22.51Here is a year old picture of my Mary & Batman sleeping together on our bed!

2013-06-03 08.02.29Around Christmas time last year dad and I went to Fischer Farm in Bensenville for their Christmas open house!

fisherfarmxmas1fischerfarmxmas2Earlier this year Darrell’s niece got a new bunny, she is a lionhead!

MolitorBunnyHere is a picture from the Chicago Auto Show that dad and I went to in February 2014.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Earlier this Fall, Darrell, dad and I went to Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana. At the new Pig Adventure they had this fun thing where you could do an ultrasound on a fake pig and find out how many baby piglets there will be. Here are the results from mine!

piglet5piglet14Hope you enjoyed this mismatch of photos!

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