Book 91 of 500!

I finally read and finished another book! This one was a LOT different then what I normally read. It is called Rediscover Catholicism: A Spiritual Guide To Living With Passion & Purpose by Matthew Kelly. I actually got this book at a Catholic church in Grand Junction, Colorado while my dad and I were there for a the month of June. I decided to go to church the Sunday after my best friend Melissa died and I was unable to make it home for the services. I have really been struggling with religion, and what I believe, and what I want to believe ever since my mom died. I want to believe what my mom believed, so that I can go to Heaven to see her again. However, it’s difficult to do that when she was taken away from me too soon and for no reason. Then it went downhill from there when I continued to lose other family members and ones so close to me like my Aunt Kathy, Melissa, Frisky, Pepper and Dutch. All of these were lost in just a year and a half! Anyway, in my ‘quest’ to figure things out, I thought this book would be helpful. Luckily, it also ended up being a good book and very interesting, and not boring at all like I thought it would be. Now I am going to pass this book on my my Great Aunt Ann, I think she might enjoy it too.

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