So….a few weeks ago, I noticed a little bird sitting in my water fountain outside. I moved closer, and was surprised it didn’t fly a way, that’s when I figured he must have a broken wing. On closer inspection though, he was acting funny, almost drunk. Still after the year I’ve had I really wanted to help him. I had to look all through the internet and make multiple calls before I found a place that would take him and help him. When Darrell got out of work and called me, I was even able to talk him into helping me when he got home. As soon as he pulled in the driveway I ran in the house to find something to put him in, but when I went back out Darrell says, he’s stiff, cold, dead. I said no way, I just checked him and he was alive! But sure enough he was gone…. I couldn’t believe it! I tried so hard to help him, and in the end it didn’t matter…….

So here is the picture of my pretty little birdie…..RIP

My friend, Melissa, sent me this picture of some baby raccoons…..and I love it!

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