Shipshewana, Indiana!!!

2 Saturday’s ago Darrell & my parent’s & I went to Shipshewana, Indiana. This was Darrell’s & my anniversary present to my parent’s! We ended up taking my parent’s RV so that Frisky, Pepper & Oreo could come with too! We met up w/ my parent’s at 8:30 am and basically just took our time getting there! When we got there it was a quarter to noon, but then Darrell looks at his phone and says, Do you know it’s a quarter to 1pm? We all just looked at each other like WHAT?!?!?!? The show was at 1pm! We had no clue the time changed! Luckily we made it just in time and Darrell and I ran to go get the tickets while my dad threw some food at the cats and grabbed my mom and ran for the theater! We would have been ok, because the Emcee talked for like 25 minutes, we thought the show would never start! But the musical was AWESOME! It was called the Confession and based on a book about the Amish, which I love books about the Amish, the music was good too, my mom even bought the cd! Here is a picture of the cast from the show!

After the show we went downstairs to the Blue Gate Restaurant and had our family style amish meal. All I can say is YUM!!! Everything was amazing! We had fried chicken, pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, bread and butter, stuffing, green beans and more! Plus we got to choose from tons of pies for dessert! I had the best chocolate pie and Darrell & my parent’s all had the banana cream pie, my parent’s even bought a whole pie to take home! They also had some shops in there and here is a nativity scene I would have loved to have!

These lambs were so lifelike, and only $500! And yet no one would buy it for me!!

Afterwards we walked around a little bit and went into some of the shops, they closed pretty early so we didn’t have as much time as we would like, but we already decided we’re all going back in the summer and we are going to camp there and do more stuff (like eat more, see another show, get custard, go on a buggy ride and go to a farm tour to name a few)! We also ran into a bunch of outdoor kitties!!! Here are some pictures of the place and Darrell and me!

Here is a fun store we went to, it had tons of John Deere and Farmall stuff & one of the horses’s we got to pet!

I can not wait to go back!!!! I love it there! Happy belated anniversary to my parent’s!!!!

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