When I was in the Dells with my parent’s, my husband was nice enough to put away our summery outside things & decorate for Halloween!!

The weekend before Halloween we bought a small pumpkin & I decorated it with the stickers I got from my Halloween bucket that I got when I had a kids meal at McDonalds!

The day before Halloween Darrell and me went with my parent’s to the movies to see Footloose, and here are some popcorn graves that were in the theater at Charlestowne Mall!

Since Halloween was a Monday I had to work, so I wore my pumpkin tshirt, jeans, pumpkin earrings, candy corn scrunchie and some new Halloween socks! We were allowed to dress up at work, but only 1 person did! My boss!

I didn’t really expect any trick or treaters because usually I’m home all day (it’s from 3-7 here) and we get maybe 6-10 kids! We still bought 2 bags of candy and I got home at 5:45pm & we ended up having like 25 kids! I was so happy!

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