Weekend in Freeport!!

Last Friday night after work, Darrell and I drove to Freeport & checked into our hotel. We then found a cute little country restaurant called Big Apple for dinner! After that we went in the hot tub, relaxed & went to bed. Saturday morning we slept in, I went in the hot tub again, we ate our free breakfast and relaxed some more.

We got ready and went to Darrell’s nephew, Frankie’s wedding in Stillman Valley. I tweeted and facebooked about it, but I felt dressed for a ho down while everyone else was dressed more for the royal wedding!

After the ceremony there was a small reception in the church, and we stayed for a little bit before heading back to the hotel for a little bit. Then Darrell made me change for the big reception which was to be held at Janean’s farm in Lena. I didn’t want to, but then was glad I did, because it got chilly out in the evening!

Sunday we slept in again, ate our free breakfast, relaxed and went in the hot tub, before driving back home! Which we stopped at Dairy Joy in Hinckley first, YUM! Overall a really good weekend!

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